Gas Services

It’s very important that you leave your home if you smell natural gas (odor is similar to a rotten egg). Once away from your home, contact your natural gas service provider. They’ll send someone to your home to shut off the gas supply. Natural gas can ignite when it collects in a confined space. It only takes a small spark to create an explosion!

Qualified and Licensed Plumbers Required

You do not want to hire just any plumber to fix a gas line that has a leak. This type of service must be performed by qualified licensed plumbers. Literally, your life depends on the quality of their work. Ty is a licensed plumber by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. This means he has passed rigorous training and testing requirements.

Our Gas Plumbing – Gas Line Service and Repair Includes:

  • Gas system pressure testing
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Fireplace gas log installation
  • Fireplace log lighter cly valve repair and replacement
  • Gas Lantern installation, service and repair

Gas Leak Testing consists of testing the entire gas system (yard and house). In many new homes, we can take the gas line apart at the house and pressure test the home for gas leaks.

Gas Leak Detection consists of use a variety of methods to detect gas leaks. Once a leak is detected, Ty will recommend the best repair.

Gas Leak Repair often requires a city permit for repair work. We will manage all permitting for you. This process ensures your safety and that of your neighbors. After our work is complete, the city inspector and the gas company will check our work. It is important to note, that if a permit is required, your city may require that the entire gas system be brought up to current code standards. Ty’s Plumbing can perform the necessary work to ensure your system meets these standards.

Schedule your appointment with us to locate and solve gas piping problems.